What next?

I have been thinking about what to do with this site. Whether it needed to exist at all, what I would limit it to, who it’s actually for?

Today I decided to write something that would give an overview of what I’m interested in and thought that I might be talking about here. So I’ve changed the look, and now here is that piece.

Story telling is the theme which is most in my mind at present. How we tell a story, how we allow ourselves to tell a story, the medium of the story, whose story and so on. This covers the actual story – narrative, plot and character; the way we tell that story – words, pictures, film or music, alone or in combination; the habits, tricks, hacks and techniques we use to be able to tell those stories; and also, perhaps most importantly, the ownership of that story – is it yours, does it belong to someone, can we help make a space for those who are unable to tell their own story or do not have the platform from which to tell it.

Let’s see where we go from here.

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