Who’s telling the story?

Stories are always told from a particular point of view. This is true for fiction, history and news stories. The  attitudes, situations and themes which are presented can be quite different depending on who is telling the story or authorising the story to be told. This can, and does, reinforce norms and common sense.

It’s a truism that history is written by the winners, but history can also be re-interpreted to push an agenda which is extremely current.  The way the centenary of the First World War has been dealt with is an example of this.

My friend, Steve O’Donoghue, wrote this song about the first world war which was used by No Glory as part of their campaign to mark one hundred years since the battle of the Somme. This was arranged by my husband, Russ Chandler with assistance from other Walthamstow musicians.

I wrote this next piece a few years ago and it was the last major piece of work I did as an astrologer. I include it here because it focuses on agenda, points of view  and how material is presented. Just read round the astrology if it’s not your thing. The Carter Memorial Lecture is a keynote presentation which was also my swansong. There were other graphics and examples that I wanted to include but couldn’t locate at the time so I include this page as a post script on

Perception, agenda and point of view.

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