Perception, Agenda and Point of View

When I was writing When an astrologer speaks there were several graphics that I wanted to include but couldn’t find. This was one i thought illustrated the point I wanted to make particularly well. The camera never lies, it’s a representation of the world not a painting, therefore it must have happened. However, what is most certainly being controlled by the photographer or their editor, the the framing of the image and what is left out. I hope you see the point.

There were also several images which continued there theme where you were looking at multiple images depending on where you focus lay. The old woman/young woman was the example I used in the original piece. Here we have the rabbit/duck, which depends on whether you look from top to bottom or from left to right.

More frivolous examples are the  screen shop from a Facebook page showing a picture of a bird in flight which could also be a rabbit in mid ski-jump. I’ve made these images bigger so you can see the detail.

My favourite perception switch is the nativity scene. Apologies if I’ve ruined Christmas for you. The silhouettes could be your classic manger scene, but with a little shift in focus could be two Tyrannosaurus Rex and a watermelon.

I include these here to make a point, admittedly this is a funny point. Where you eye falls can change your interpretation of something completely. What you are expecting to see will have I huge influence here so pay attention to what you are expecting to see. We are bombarded by images from the media, from our families, from academia and we owe it to ourselves to at least try to filter them. This is more important now than ever with the rise in the number of fake news. Remember truth is relative.

The original piece – When an astrologer speaks – was written in 2015.

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