Daily – 30th August 2018

The sunshine has shifted to being autumnal. This is strange considering the force behind the full sun of only a few weeks ago. It was almost violent. The light was forceful and demanding your attention, like a solar version of a water cannon. Now it is gentle and pliant, washing around you. It’s as if a silk scarf has been draped over the day. Transparent. You are able to focus through it so it become like a lens, tinting the concrete.

The algae on the river is practically gone now. The water is brown with silt and mud.

Update 30th August 2018

What did I do today?

Writing: I updated my website with new header pictures; changed the structure of the categories to account for both fiction and non-fiction post and wrote an update for 30th August.

Training: I reviewed two courses following first delivery in the last week: PowerPoint Introduction and Excel VBA Introduction. I am half way through refining the teaching materials for Excel Advanced.

Claire Chandler

Welcome to my site. I write fiction – mostly sci-fi stories, work as a trainer as my main paid work and spend a lot of time sorting things out and working out how to do things better. This may be because I appear to be on a quest to discover the best ways of focusing my time and attention. Being interested in so many things I need to get the most out of the limited number of hours in the day and do my best to keep focused and stop just flitting from idea to idea.

This is an ongoing process which I have by no means mastered. Writing this blog is the logical outcome of that struggle.
You can read my stuff here on this site. If you want to know more click here.

What next?

I have been thinking about what to do with this site. Whether it needed to exist at all, what I would limit it to, who it’s actually for?

Where’s it all gone?

I’ve been pondering on what to do with my website for a while and it seems that, until I come up with a definite idea on what to do here, I should take it down. The content was very old and if you really want to read it there is the wonder of the Way Back machine to explore.